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Childminders care for children from birth - 14 years, so can offer full wrap around care right up until your children leaves school

Childminders work from home, so your children will be able to experience real life experiences, e.g. baking cakes, growing and planting seeds,caring for pets etc.

Childminders care for six children under eight of which no more than three children under five at any one time so more attention can be given to your child. This ratio can vary for each childminder to allow for continuity of care etc.

Childminders can be more flexible in their routine so activities can vary. As childminders care for a wider age range, children will have more access to a wider range of resources.

All childminders work towards the Early Years foundation Stages to ensure your children are reaching their full potential. 

Childminders are dedicated and professional with their work and ensure that they keep up to date with ongoing training.

Childminders must have appropriate Insurance in place for their business. They must also have the appropriate Insurance, if transporting children in their car.

Most childminders have gained at least an NVQ3 in early years care and education or equivalent or are working towards their qualification.

Childminders can be very flexible so can fit in around the hours you require rather than you fitting in with the childminder.

Childminders are regularly inspected by OFSTED and other organisations to ensure that the premises where children are cared for are safe and secure

Childminders caring for children under the age of eight must be on the early years register with OFSTED.

Some childminders can offer FREE places for 2, 3 & 4 year olds, up to a max of 15/30 hrs per week, 38 weeks per year or 11 /22 hours per week spread over 52 weeks