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Benefits of Childminders

  • Flexible hours to suit parents needs, from early starts to late finishes.

  • Affordable childcare - reductions for siblings; no surcharges for late pick ups

  • Home from Home, family relaxed atmosphere.

  • Continuity of care from Birth through to Secondary School.

  • Supervised school pick ups and drop-offs and collection from after-school activities.

  • All year round childcare - Full Time, Term-Time only and School Holiday care available.

  • Large range of toys/resources for all ages of children, including a large range of craft materials.

  • Range of IT equipment, e.g Laptops, Leapfrog, InnoTab, Nook (tablet), Hudl (tablet)

  • Indoor and Outdoor play areas including an all weather outdoor facility

  • Trips out - beach, parks, forest walks, soft play sessions etc

  • Peace of mind should one of us become ill - two registered assistants to provide emergency cover

  • Snacks provided - Fresh home cooked meals provided at an extra cost

  • Over twenty years of experience

  • Our children are older which enables us to focus on the children in our care and not our own.


  • Childminders work from their own homes and provide a warm family relaxed atmosphere. Most childminders are parents themselves so would have experience with caring and dealing with children.


  • Most Childminders look after children from birth through to secondary school, giving them a great sense of security and continuity. This helps with the transition from moving from an Early years setting (childminder) to reception class and from primary school onto secondary school


  • Childminders can be more flexible about pick-up and drop-off times. This extra flexibility may mean that you don't have to organise back-up care and is particularly useful if you work shifts. However, like all childcare arrangements, it is important to let your childminder know if you're going to be later picking up your child.


  • Childminders provide care before and after school – including picking up and dropping children off. During the school holidays childminders can care for older children as well as younger children and will usually offer a host of different activities to keep them occupied.


  • Childminders usually have mixed age groups, which closely mirrors family life. If your child doesn't have any siblings, it will give them a chance to feel comfortable around older and younger children. If you have two or more children, they can all be cared for together by the same childminder. As there are other children at the childminder’s, your little one will likely get to interact with other children of older and younger ages to them. Hence improving their social skills.


  • Apart from the toys and educational material the childminders provides, most childminders will take children in their care to the park, beach, playgrounds and other local activities.

Benefits our Setting has to Offer